Conos default sender email not working

When a user is sending out an email using cognos, it is always being sent using user’s email instead of default sender email.

add following setting on Cognos dispatchers

alwaysUseDefaultSender , set value to TRUE

You can use below article to get more detail steps:

How to set the default email sender to a specific value in Cognos Analytics 11.



cognos content store not connecting to sql server

When trying to connect sql server database from cognos configuration content store getting following error:
[Content Manager database connection]
[ ERROR ] The database connection failed.
[ ERROR ] Content Manager is unable to connect to the content store. Verify that the database connection properties in the configuration tool are correct and that when you test the connection, the test is successful.

When you get this error:

First make sure you server can connect to SQL server by creating a ODBC connection and do a test. If successful then issue is with Cognos connecting to SQL Server.

Follow below steps:

Cognos Analytics connects to the content store via JDBC, not ODBC. These are completely different client interfaces so comparing ODBC to JDBC is not comparable.

It is important that you make sure that you are using the latest version of the SQL Server JDBC driver. It is recommended to use the 9.4 version of the JDBC driver as there are some changes with encryption defaults with the 10.2 JDBC driver that may break connections.

You can download the 9.4 driver here:

– Download the .zip file

– Extract the .zip file

– Copy the sqljdbc_9.4\enu\mssql-jdbc-9.4.1.jre8.jar file to your cognos_location\drivers folder

– Remove the old SQL Server JDBC driver so there are no conflicts

– Copy the sqljdbc_9.4\enu\auth\x86\mssql-jdbc_auth-9.4.1.x86.dll file to the cognos_location\bin folder. Remove any older sqljdbc_auth.dll file that was there previously

– Copy the sqljdbc_9.4\enu\auth\x64\mssql-jdbc_auth-9.4.1.x64.dll file to the cognos_location\bin64 location.

SQL Server 2016 uses TLS 1.2, so you will need to make sure that you configure Cognos to make a TLS 1.2 connection to your database. Please refer to the following TechNote:

Follow the steps under “To get the Content Store connection working”. Note: You will need to always launch the config using bin64\cogconfig.bat from this point onwards so it picks up the TLS 1.2 parameters.

Regenerate cryptographic keys in Cognos Analytics

If you Cognos service is not starting with following error, then your cryptographic keys got corrupted.

[Launching a JVM using ‘Maximum memory in MB’]
Successfully launched a test JVM with the memory setting of ‘16384’. Note that this does not guarantee that the IBM Cognos service will start and run successfully.
To see which JVM options are based on this setting, view ibmcognos_location/bin64/bootstrap_wlp_<OS>.xml and see your JVM documentation for an explanation of those options.
[Authentication Service]
[ ERROR ] The server did something wrong.
[ ERROR ] AAA-AUT-0016 The function call to ‘CAMFactory.initialize’ failed.
[ ERROR ] CAM-CRP-1095 Unable to find the encryption certificate with alias ‘encryption’ in the keystore ‘E:/cognos/analytics/configuration/certs\CAMKeystore’.
[ ERROR ] AAA-AUT-0016 The function call to ‘CAMFactory.initialize’ failed.
[ ERROR ] CAM-CRP-1095 Unable to find the encryption certificate with alias ‘encryption’ in the keystore ‘E:/cognos/analytics/configuration/certs\CAMKeystore’.

Follow the steps from the url: to regenarte the keys.

Cognos Visualization error


The web request failed.


404 – Not Found
URL: http://cognosserver/ibmcognos/bi/common/palettes.json


On your webserver pallettes.json needs to be copied from install location analytics\webcontent\bi\common  to the analytics\webcontent\bi\common folder

Key words for search:


404 – Not Found – palettes.json

cognos scheduled reports are stuck in wait state

in progress…

cognos notification test pass but email doesn’t come

Unable to send emails from Cognos Server but no errors appear in the cogserver.log file

CNC-SDS-0408 There are email messages waiting to be sent.

CNC-SDS-0410 The email message was not sent

cognos analytics [Validate mail server properties.] [ ERROR ] The mail server cannot be reached.

Cognos Scheduled Jobs Randomly Stuck in ‘Waiting’ State

Testing mail server connection: [ERROR] Mail server authentication failed

cognos analytics RAVE visualization customize

ibm cognos rave visualization

Below links provide good information about rave visualization and customization.

Below articles provide good information about rave

Click to access HowtoaddextensiblevisualizationtoCognosActiveReports-AllVisualizations.pdf

cognos analytics heat map display numbers with total

at following url you can find rave visualization customizer / sample visualzations and rave visualization customize –

heatmap display values with totals:

few useful links

IBM Cognos analytics Product images don’t show in Event Studio

When trying to access Event studio , images/icons are missing. Errors show up when trying to accessing any icons.

Errors like below:

  • Object doesn’t support property or method ‘select Tab’ [getMessageFrame().selectTab(‘AgentTask-tasknumber’,’report’);]
  • ‘doAction’ is underfined[doAction(‘url’)]


Screenshot of Event Studio which is having missing images when accessed

event studio issue c11


Mostly this issue is happening because of IIS configuration. To make sure this- open the dispatcher URL at server and check Event studio. Event studio should be working as  required. Now this tells us that there is some issue with IIS configuration.

Go through the event studio steps by following IIS configuration guide- Event studio section

Though you might have run the bat file given by IBM, It might still not do all of it correctly. Its better to double check.

When I had this issue. Event Studio  at URL Rewrite was missing 1 condition and Logical processing was set to “Match All”. I added that missing condition and changed Logical processing to “Match Any”


Following article talks about similar issue at UNIX server


Cognos analytics temp folder files unable to delete

At cognos Server- UDA and TMP files are few files which get created when a report is been run. These files will be deleted automatically after the report run is finished.
We might be in a situation when this files go big and not getting deleted after the session. At that time you can delete them manually. But if you are not able to delete manually (assuming you are having admin rights) then you need to check at cognos connection if any reports are running at background. Make sure there are no reports running in background, if they are then notify user and kill them.
An other option is  to kill few services at task manager(not the cognos server related) and check whether the temp files are deleted or not.


cognos analytics uda files unable to delete
cognos analytics UDA Temp Files