Cognos how to hide pages/fields based on output format


create a render variable with ‘Expression Definition:’ as

ReportOutput () in ( ‘spreadsheetML’) –this would give output only for excel output report
ReportOutput () in ( ‘PDF’) — this would give specified output only for pdf output report.
ReportOutput () not in ( ‘PDF’) — This will hide specified output for pdf output report

Values that you could pass are:
items: [xlsxData, CSV, spreadsheetML, HTML, layoutDataXML, PDF, XML, XLWA, MHT, rawXML, XHTML, singleXLS, HTMLFragment]
case sensitive: true


BME-EX-0047 Unable to read preferences for the requested interface. Please use another repository and/or ProjectAccess Interface.

I was getting following Cognos framework error while opening the model.

BME-EX-0047 Unable to read preferences for the requested interface. Please use another repository and/or ProjectAccess Interface.

I got this error for framework 11.0 after we had a patching on windows.

I reinstalled the software in same path with same version and it worked.
None of the framework models were effected.




Cognos analytics temp folder files unable to delete

At cognos Server- UDA and TMP files are few files which get created when a report is been run. These files will be deleted automatically after the report run is finished.
We might be in a situation when this files go big and not getting deleted after the session. At that time you can delete them manually. But if you are not able to delete manually (assuming you are having admin rights) then you need to check at cognos connection if any reports are running at background. Make sure there are no reports running in background, if they are then notify user and kill them.
An other option is  to kill few services at task manager(not the cognos server related) and check whether the temp files are deleted or not.


cognos analytics uda files unable to delete
cognos analytics UDA Temp Files


Microsoft sql server MDS

Documents and links related to implement Microsoft MDS

Checklists/Points to be aware off-
Make sure the version of DB and MDS are same.
You can download excel plugin from MDS web url.
Make sure all the required IIS programs are added.
Package file cannot be deployed using MDS-UI if the package has data.
To deploy package with data, use MDSModelDeploy.exe tool (accessed via command line utility)
To deploy package without data you could use create/deploy option at MDS-web UI.

This is a good course to get an idea –

Master Data Services Installation and Configuration

Uninstall and Remove Master Data Services

Master Data Services Developer Documentation