Dashboard Pre-Deployment Checklist

  • Define specific purpose and end users – know your consumer
  • create preliminary mock-ups before the planning meeting to help guide the conversation
  • Design each page of the dashboard with a single focus(use actions/drill downs to move between layers of information). Never show too much of information. It will confuse end users.
  • Prototypes – creating views/pages. Connecting to database instead of excel sheets. etc.,
  • Demonstrate to your end users and stakeholders
  • Incorporate feedback
  • Publish

Cognos users and group list using Content manager


I used below query to get cognos user list and associated groups.  I got this query for cognos version 10.2.2

If query doesn’t provide any data, change classid and  mapdlocaleid  values and try.

SELECT v_group.name AS group_name,
v_user.ldap_id AS user_name
FROM dbo.cmreford1 AS v_group_user
JOIN (SELECT cmid user_id,
UPPER (NAME) ldap_id
FROM dbo.cmobjprops33) v_user
ON v_group_user.refcmid = v_user.user_id
JOIN (SELECT cmobjnames.cmid cmid,
UPPER(cmobjnames.NAME) name

FROM dbo.cmobjects, dbo.cmobjnames
WHERE cmobjects.classid IN (26, 54)
AND cmobjnames.mapdlocaleid = 96
AND cmobjects.cmid = cmobjnames.cmid) v_group
ON v_group.cmid = v_group_user.cmid
order by 1,2

‘python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

when trying to access python from command line- we might get an error when we use – ‘python’. Use ‘py’ instead of ‘python’

‘python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Python 3.1(v……] on win32

if you are still getting error then check “environment variables”. You need to add python installed folder path at environment variables.
if your python install path is : C:\Programs\Python\Python37-32 then go to control panel, systems–> Advanced system settings –> Advanced tab –> Environment variables –> System Variables –> Path edit –> at variable name enter your python installation path with “;” i.e. “;C:\Programs\Python\Python37-32;” . hit ok.

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