Microsoft sql server MDS

Documents and links related to implement Microsoft MDS

Checklists/Points to be aware off-
Make sure the version of DB and MDS are same.
You can download excel plugin from MDS web url.
Make sure all the required IIS programs are added.
Package file cannot be deployed using MDS-UI if the package has data.
To deploy package with data, use MDSModelDeploy.exe tool (accessed via command line utility)
To deploy package without data you could use create/deploy option at MDS-web UI.

This is a good course to get an idea –

Master Data Services Installation and Configuration

Uninstall and Remove Master Data Services

Master Data Services Developer Documentation




float to nvarchar in sql server

when you need to select from one column of datatype float(which has phone number) and insert it in another column as nvarchar- cast wont work

cast : cast([Column_Name] as nvarchar(50)). The result will be in format 9.07235e+009 instead of a 10 digit number (phone number).

use SELECT STR([Column_Name],10,0) ** This is SQL Server solution, for other servers check their docs