How to get SQL from Tableau

Follow below steps:

select Help → Settings and Performance → Start Performance Recordingfrom the Tableau toolbar.

Then right click on the source in the Data toolbar and select ‘Refresh’. This will force Tableau to re-run the query.

Once the query completes, select Help → Settings and Performance → Stop Performance Recording from the Tableau toolbar.

This should result in a new Tableau window opening with a workbook called ‘Tableau — PerformanceRecording’

Right-click anywhere in the bar next to ‘Executing Query’ and select ‘View data’

Source of the article:
Below URL gives a very good idea about this

Tableau how to remove ‘abc’

2 approaches-

1. select abc
2. go to color and change opacity from 100% to 0%. this would hide text ‘abc’
3. now right click on column next to abc, go to format-> Column Divider-> pane-> none
4. now reduce the size of abc column as minimal as possible. so user wont be able to see it.


Create a new blank column with text ‘ ‘. Drag this column and repeat above steps – 3,4.

Detailed video is also available at youtube.