Cognos how to customize search and select prompt

Cognos How to resize Select and Search prompts
Cognos How to change the default prompt option of search and select

use html2 for resize
use html3 for  default option to contains

add 3 html items. 1 item before prompt and 2 items after prompt.

Prompt name say” ParName”

cognos customize search and select prompt

cognos customize search and select prompt html code


Quickie: Changing default option in a Select and Search Prompt



Pass data item/query item into Hyperlink. How to get Google maps links at Cognos.

For this example I am using google maps.
Google maps URL –,-152.522067

Create 2 query items with latitude and longitude. Say [Query Item Latitude], [Query Item Longitude]
create a new data item say – [Query Item_google maps url] with ‘ ||cast([Query Item Latitude] as varchar(10))||’,’|| cast([Query Item Longitude] as varchar(10))

at report studio drag hyperlink to your list report.
Select Hyperlink and change properties as follows
Source type – Data Item value
Data Item Value – [Query Item_google maps url]

Run the report. You should be able to get to google maps from the hyperlink.

Another google map URL you can play with –{LATITUDE},{LONGITUDE}&t=m&z=19&vpsrc=6&layer=c&cbll={LATITUDE},{LONGITUDE}&cbp=12,15.61,,0,0

Here is the URL API guide from google: