Pass data item/query item into Hyperlink. How to get Google maps links at Cognos.

For this example I am using google maps.
Google maps URL –,-152.522067

Create 2 query items with latitude and longitude. Say [Query Item Latitude], [Query Item Longitude]
create a new data item say – [Query Item_google maps url] with ‘ ||cast([Query Item Latitude] as varchar(10))||’,’|| cast([Query Item Longitude] as varchar(10))

at report studio drag hyperlink to your list report.
Select Hyperlink and change properties as follows
Source type – Data Item value
Data Item Value – [Query Item_google maps url]

Run the report. You should be able to get to google maps from the hyperlink.

Another google map URL you can play with –{LATITUDE},{LONGITUDE}&t=m&z=19&vpsrc=6&layer=c&cbll={LATITUDE},{LONGITUDE}&cbp=12,15.61,,0,0

Here is the URL API guide from google:

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